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How to Get Rid of Dog Urine Odors Without Harsh Chemicals

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How to get rid of dog smell is one of the most important queries for all those people who keep “dog” as their pet. The pet keepers deal the pets as their own children. They use to feed them, pet them clean them and take care of them as they do for their own children. In the meanwhile, the dog as a pet keeping leads the owner to face many critical challenges likes “the bad rather the worst odor of dog’s urine within the living places of the home”.read more here!

In this regard many of the pet keepers feel themselves as helpless as they can neither keep the pet outside the home nor they can bear the toxic smell of its urine. So, what is the solution? How a person can get rid of the bad smell of the dog while keeping it within the home? Here is a little clear guide for you:

How to get rid of dog urine smell:

Dog’s urine leaves as head catching smell as no other chemical can even leave. Such a urine smell is not only the matter of “smell” rather it contain various tremendous chemicals that can really effect the health of men, women and especially of children at the home. So, How to get rid of dog urine smell is a good question to ask. These are various novel methods which you can use to get rid of dog’s smell. One of the older method was “use of bleach” in order to clean the place where the dog urinates. But the new findings have rejected this method as they think “bleach” itself contains toxic substances which when used overly can go in to the breathe and can create many health problems. So, the wiser solution is to use some domestic herbal or natural methods of getting rid of dog’s urine smell like:

Fragment tissue wipes:

You may pick a bucket, add surf in it and clean the place where the dog urinated. After that you may pick two to three fragmented tissues wipes in order to replace the urine smell with the fresh fragrance of tissue wipes.

Vanish dog’s urine smell with baking soda – A natural tactic:

Another very easy, simple and cost effective method of Odor eliminator is the use of baking soda. You may pick baking soda and pour it on to the place where the dog has eliminated the urine. It will diminish the urine smell soon.

Hoover and a wiper:

Dog Urine Odors

The most natural and the easiest way of getting rid of dog’s urine smell is through “hoover and wiper”. You may pick the bleach but do not use it directly on the floor. Rather you may few drops of bleach in to the water, pour it on the urinated place and then wipe it with cleaned wiper. So, these are some of the method which can satisfy your query for How to get rid of dog urine smell without using any sort of harsh chemicals.